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Adventures of Stickman is a fun puzzle platformer. In Adventures of Stickman you control a stickman who must traverse hazards, avoid enemies and overcome obstacles on his way to the end of the levels. He’s not the most nimble of heroes and he doesn’t have any skills other than being able to run and jump, but he doesn’t really need any – because you are there to assist with your magic pencil!

I have all of the basic mechanics ready and already have 10 levels. From now on I plan to do a lot of polishing and add a story mode about the Stickman trying to escape his notebook. The finished game will consist of the story and several levels that you could just play and look for a flag (like the ones I have now). It took me 5 and a half months to get to this state, I estimate that I can finish the game completely in less than a year. I can send apk for evaluation.

Development Start Date
March 2016
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
PC, iOS, Android



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