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An exotic hidden object journey into the alternate historical universe where visual spoils of the High Renaissance serve as a background for the merciless witch hunt waged against all those suspected of having inborn supernatural abilities.

Free to play hidden object browser game. Well planned monetization system.

– Unique game mechanic allowing a player to draw magic symbols to various effects right on the screen.
– Searching for hidden items, collecting rare artifacts, solving numerous puzzles and bringing the whole arsenal of magic spells to bear against monsters: this game is packed with action.
– An opportunity to explore two entirely different dimensions of a single world: the city on the surface and the mysterious catacombs with dozens of breathtaking game scenes.
– Historical references and pure fantasy interwoven in a single elaborate plotline full of unexpected dramatic turns.
– 20 unique characters, each one with his or her own goals and motivations can be a player’s friends or foes depending on his or her conduct in words and actions.
– Unique Mechanism mode provides a thrilling opportunity to resurrect the eldritch mechanisms left by the Ancients.
– Vibrant atmosphere of Renaissance, sustained by high-quality graphics and authentic sound design.
– Well-developed social perks: a player can share his or her experience with friends on social networks.

Nikita Online, Studio 61, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
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Released in several countries
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Browser, Social

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