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Tired of the greediness of the consumption Era? Annoyed by the queues and insatiable people? Take the gun and become a sales hunter.

• Idea came after watching the Black Friday fighting videos at YouTube. People should put this energy somewhere else, e.g. in our mobile shooter.
• We wanted to make fun of greediness of the consumption age. We think a lot of people would understand us.
• Are you tired of queues and unfair prices? Have you ever went shopping with the gun? or maybe with the flame-thrower? Better try in the game.
• Donald Trump is the most contradictory US President, with the explosive nature. He suites the best to be the main hero at our game.
• We also believe that a good mobile shooter with a convenient controls and fun idea should be positively accepted by the gamers.

Vivex, Minsk, Belarus
Development Start Date
November 1, 2015
Ready to be released (Soft launch on Google Play)
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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