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We developed a simple but fun PVP mobile game that could also be played in VR using just a cardboard.

Bomb U Tactics is a PvP strategy game with cartoon style. Players stand on each site to attack opponent. It’s absolutely depend on your judgement and tactics.

The 5*5 areas below your feet is your territory, you can choose a square to go within 3*3 areas every round. Then anticipate your enemy’s route and put the bomb on it,let him down from the floor!

Please download the demo in the link below and see if you are interested in working with us.

It‘s a light entertainment game and distinguish with some FPS games, Horror games or Fighting games.
I think people will love it .

Mngo VR, Shanghai, China
Development Start Date
November 10, 2016
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
Android (Daydream)
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