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Basic TBS mechanic is action points management to achieve goals. Our game has tactical shooter elements, clever use of action points will allow you to bear away from the most difficult situations. RPG component allows to develop a character in direction that is closest to the user- whether the focus on melee or vitality – any user can choose a class of player closest to him.

New mechanics created for playing in parallel world.

Timely improved equipment and a variety of active objects allows to overcome even the strongest opponents.

Also you can compete in PvP arena, up to 4 players on ine location.

In a few weeks we are planing to make Soft Launch, but it will be short version without Online PvP mode.

We are on the final stage of development and also working on implementation of parallel world mechanics.

As a result we see 49 missions story line, 3 mechanics of daily missions and Online PvP(2-4 players).

SunBeam Inc.
Development Start Date
October 15, 2015
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