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Earth 2 – A hip VR social-sim designed for player retention. “The best of planet Earth. None of the fluff.”

Earth 2 is a virtual reality game set in a vibrant world very similar to ours, except for its inhabited by a progressive society of Humans, Animals and Aliens living together.

EARTH 2 is a single-player VR social-sim where you can live a new daily life in
a friendly town populated with villagers from all over the universe. This new virtual world is technologically advanced, but its community needs your help: they could use a leader like you! Work to improve the local economy, develop meaningful relationships with other villagers, participate in local events such as fundraisers and music concerts, upgrade your town with new shops, and unlock fun VR activities!

EARTH 2 incorporates the passing of time (just like in the real world!) and its own calendar with special holidays. Thanks to its real-time clock, this world feels alive and offers a different experience every time you come back to play: folks have daily routines, shops have real schedules, special events take place in the evenings…

CASA RARA, Montreal, Canada
Development Start Date
January, 2017
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
Oculus Store, VR consoles

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