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Gummy War is an exciting action game with realistic physics and AI. Tap to fly, pop the balloons, kick the ducks and reclaim the stolen gummy formula.

Loon, a poor green dragon with tiny wings, finally found out what can make his dream of flying come true: the “Gummy Balloon Formula”. But he is not the only one who loves to swing in the sky, the cunning ducks nearby have that ambition too. One day, back from a long flying trip, Loon came home and found that the formula was just gone – only few duck feathers left on the floor! It was crystal clear who were the stealers and Loon had to find them to gain back his flying ability. Then the fight begins…

Mamtom Lab, Hanoi, Vietnam
Development Start Date
June, 2015
Released worldwide
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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