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Jumping Jack’s Skydive is a skydiving adventure that follows Jack through 5 worlds and 50 challenging levels, each filled with unexpected obstacles and elaborate designs. There are great characters, fluid controls, unique gameplay and a smooth, striking art style.

  • Collect purple orbs to unlock characters
  • Progress through 5 amazing worlds (city, desert, ocean, forest & Space) and 50 levels!
  • Unlock special Arcade endless gameplay mode
  • Non-stop fun and very addicting!
  • We feel that Jumping Jack’s Skydive has strong potential and mass market appeal, given the exciting skydiving theme, high quality art style and the easy to pick up, but unique/original gameplay.

    In addition, there are no true, breakthrough, high quality cartoon skydiving games on the App Store or Google Play store right now. We think this is a major opportunity and we feel that our game could fill this void and become a hit in this niche. Gameplay is very smooth, it’s easy to get into, hard to put down and is just frustrating enough where players truly want to win and progress to the next level.

    Can send a TestFlight invite to anyone upon request. Partnered with the right studio, we feel that if Jumping Jack’s Skydive got the exposure it deserves, then downloads, engagement and retention could be really high. The game has hit appeal.

    AppVant Garde Studios, New York City, USA
    Development Start Date
    October 22, 2016
    Ready to be released
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    Target platforms
    iOS, Android
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