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This attempt to revisit the unduly forgotten genre is a curious challenge and possibly the first step toward a full-scale rebirth of non-linear text-based quests. In the developers’ enthusiastic view, modern graphics technology and friendly interface may help interactive fiction spring to a new life and find a well-deserved niche of its own on the modern gaming market.

The game’s events take place in a fantasy universe closely resembling the Late Middle Ages. Take up the role of a guide to a trade caravan that—by a twist of fate—finds itself in a mountain cave. Your efforts to get out lead you to mysterious ruins, entering which may result in losing more than just your life…

Game features:
– atmospheric parchment-scroll interface;
– intricate non-linear plot;
– mood-setting soundtrack;
– replay value;
– more than 5 different endings.

Development Start Date
March 2016
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, tvOS, Android, Steam



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