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Mad Aces is one of the fastest, toughest and most exhilarating runner out there! Fly across the dangerous space, ramming and dodging spiked bricks, discovering new ridiculous characters!

Extremely addictive “just one more time” gameplay! You control one of the mad aces as he flies, dodges, rams, blasts, and more!

Mad Aces is not press-X-to-win kind of game. It’s the game, where your skills and reaction are going to be severely tested.

There were four updates so far on App Store and Google Play. Two of them were featured by Apple on the main App Store page in Best New Games category.

The game is well met by the audience, we can say this according to game’s ratings:
– App Store rating: 4,5 (160 reviews)
– Google Play rating: 4,4 (2922 reviews)

The game still has about 500-1500 WAU after 9 months with no promotion at all.

The game was published by BulkyPix, but we have ended any partnership with them about half a year ago.

We are ready to discuss the complete sale of this game, including all the derivatives and IP rights.

Development Start Date
September 2015
Released worldwide
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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