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“MegaTowers” is mega fun for construction and architecture mega fanatics! Take on the challenges of modern engineering. Build endlessly, into heaven itself. Will you build the tallest skyscraper? Enjoy hours of perfect entertainment!

The game has very nice graphic assets and is quite addictive during tower building phase, and with the map exploration with multiple items to get it creates consistent package with good strengths.

Tower building is dynamic when player uses frequently appearing bonuses, with multiple tower levels built with one tap of the finger. The tower can reach thousands of levels, and there is no cap on number of levels – after 1500 though the environment stops evolving and there is endless procedurally generated cosmos scenography. When the player reaches set goal it results in new building on the map. During tower building the player is awarded with “stars”, which in turn can be spent during next tower to build great number of levels at once. This removes some of the repetiveness of starting from the beginning every time. Also, the buildings on the map produce stars when next tower is built. Gathering and using stars is one of the main points of game world. The map, being 7×9 tiles with every tile having minimal tower level requirement (the bigger the further from map center), poses a challenge to explore. On map corners are additional tower themes – at the beginning there’s only “village” theme unlocked, but there are two others: “power house” and “town”. There is also prize for total numbers of levels built in every tower so the player is motivated to build more levels.

To sum it up, “MegaTowers” unfolds from casual tower builder to a small world with many things to do, and we believe that it’s sufficient to capture players attention for a long time.

The game is designed with ads in mind with interstitials fully supported, additionally there are two very good places to add reward based videos (full support for RBVs is being added), it is also possible to easily allow purchases of already existing consumable “stars” (IAPs support is being added).

CT Creative Team S.A., a VAS and self-funded game developer studio from Warsaw, Poland. With roots in first mobile gaming platform, the J2ME, on which we’ve successfully launched more than 40 games, we’re moving on to modern mobile development on Android and iOS.
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May 25, 2016
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iOS, Android
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