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Monster Siege is Slingshot level based puzzle game. Take control of the siege and take down forts, castles and monsters. Release the sling and enjoy as you watch huge structures and castles crumble down.

We have currently completed 18 levels(World 1) for this game and are scheduled to complete the 36 more levels in the coming month.

The game is designed a as freemium game, free to play with In App Purchases. The player is awarded coin after each level based on the score. These coins can be spent of various power-ups that are available in each level.

The game can be monetised in the following manner:
– InApp Purchases for purchasing additional coin.
– InApp Purchase to unlock all the level.
– Interstitial Ads at the end of each level.
– InApp Purchase to remove all Ads.

Studd Games, India
Development Start Date
September, 2016
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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