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Use powerful cars to take down your rivals in multiplayer races. Outrun the relentless police force while you clash with other street racers. Complete high stakes missions to earn big cash. Collect the world’s hottest cars.

● Drive in and upgrade over 14+ powerful cars
● Complete all 20+ single player campaign missions
● Take part in asynchronous multiplayer street races for non stop competition
● Spend your research points wisely in the branching research tree
● Experience the action with physics based destruction
● Complete daily challenges to earn big rewards

Sticky gameplay
Smash into your opponents do destroy their cars, just make sure they don’t destroy you first.
Destroy breakable objects and other cars to earn smash points that fill your smash bar. Fill your smash bar to enter hyper mode and become temporarily invincible.

Stunt to quickly fill up your nitro bar and the press the nitro button for a speed boost.
Switch between allrounder, racer, muscle cars and drifters which each have their own characteristics. It’s up to you to pick the best car for each situation.

Car collection
Earn cash and research points for each mission and race you complete.
Research cars and upgrades by spending research points in the branching research tree.
Buy researched cars by spending cash or even gold.
Upgrade your car’s maximum speed, acceleration, grip, impact and nitro values.

Compete in 8 player asynchronous multiplayer races on 5 racetracks using the Smart Racing System.
Earn race points and get promoted to higher cups.
Rise on the leaderboards.

Complete the 20+ mission campaign.
Earn gold by getting 5 star mission completion scores.

Connect to Facebook to see your friends scores.
Beat their scores and show them who is the best racer.

Complete daily challenges for premium resource rewards.
Take part in weekly seasonal races and rake in the rewards at the end of each week.

● Players can accelerate their progression by purchasing ingame resources for real money.
● Players can spend premium resources on premium cars or to generate research points.
● Players can watch ads to earn free ingame cash and fuel.
● Players get an automatic video ad followed by an interstitial in the following cases:
○ when they return to the main screen from any gameplay scene
○ when they restart/replay a scene
○ these ads can be enabled and disabled for specific user groups

Build available upon request via HockeyApp

One More Rabbit, Estonia, Tallinn
Development Start Date
February 2, 2015
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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