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After all the excitement of the Rugby World Cup, Rees and his team return home to find his evil brother, “Droog” has stolen all of the rugby balls.

Droog has turned all of Rees’s team-mates over to the dark side. To win back his team-mates and all the rugby balls Rees has to race his evil brother and his dark accomplices in an exciting mix of worlds with the aid of his trusted companion, Jess the sheep, whose special powers help Rees with his challenges.

– Age 7+
– Cartoon Style
– High quality graphics and animation
– 7 worlds, 28 races
– 8 Playable characters, 5 customisable vehicles
– Multiplayer (planned)
– FTP on mobile

Development Start Date
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Steam, Play Station, XBOX
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