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Kadia kingdom breathed in peace for a long time. People lived side by side with magic creatures. One day the king got a letter — spy saw strange living things moving from the West. Asudden hordes of awful creatures came. They have no mercy, monsters destroyed everything they saw. Is this the end of freedom? Kadia lost the King and armies, the young Prinсe is the only one to stop monsters and restore the lands. Could you become the defender of Kadia?

Royal Legacy is a free-to-play match-3 puzzle game with role-playing features. Gameplay mixed role-playing features with strategy elements. Fantasy kingdom Kadia is potentially threatened — monster hordes conquested the land. Young Prince is the main character who can make the kingdom free. Player can switch between different characters with unique features.

Player can upgrade the character, choose armor and additional items whereas strategy elements allows to update the kingdom and build constructions.

Daily Magic Productions, Seattle, United States
Development Start Date
April, 2015
Released in several countries
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android

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