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Save our Souls is a mix between Reigns like gameplay and a gamebook with the dark and mysterious setting aka Walking Dead series and Stephen King novels.

On the present moment we have almost finished with the game engine and the main plot. The prologue is already playable. Currently we are working on finishing 6 chapters and creating game art. The game is planned for release in August, 2017.

We consider the game to have a good marketing potential, since it will not only be interested to the audience who like zombie and survival games, but also to the fans of graphic novels and gamebooks.

We are looking for the publisher to release the game worldwide on 3 platforms. We also plan to translate the game to 6 languages.

Ivan Korkin, Riga, Latvia
Development Start Date
January, 2017
In development
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android, Steam
Looking for

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