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A quirky 2D platformer where you play as four moustachioed heroes to stop a dastardly villain from stealing all the moustaches in Motropolis.

The game is currently live on iOS and android but we would like to reach a larger audience and are currently struggling to do so.

It’s a premium casual to midcore platformer and it’s main unique features are:

  • Each character has their own special ability that interacts with the levels differently, and can unlock new pathways.
  • Contextual based defeated animations (depending on what type of enemy has defeated you e.g fire-based, razor etc.).
  • Complete story that involves all four characters (instead of just playing through story again as new character).
  • Collectable bowler hats!

Please contact us for promo codes if you are interested in the game.

Wiremuch, United Kingdom/Australia, London/Melbourne
Development Start Date
September 1, 2014
Released worldwide
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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