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The game starts with a story of an ape called Tim, who was trained to go on a space mission but unfortunately Tim will lost connection with his rocket base. Later Tim understands that he is six planets away from his home planet but he has limited fuel that will not be sufficient to reach his home.

Each planet has a different genre with different gameplays, features, music and graphics. It consists of seven planets with 40 levels each, total of 280 levels. User will have to solve each puzzle and collect star particles. The star particles will allow a user to convert them into rocket fuel, which are required for Tim to reach his home planet.

The game is developed with eye catchy graphics, additive music, and easy-to-play and interesting gameplay. It also has two IAP’s and push notifications. It is published to android for now (not released) and will soon be published to iOS.

Shepherd Games, India, Hyderabad
Development Start Date
March, 2016
Ready to be released
Game engine
Target platforms
iOS, Android
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