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You are a transporter at NO PROBLEM company, famous for not asking questions and without restrictions on what it carries. In your last job, you agreed to transport individuals to out of town, but what you did not know that they were fleeing from a bank robbery… Now, in addition to securing the service, you must fight for your own survival.

This is the most incredible chase game you’ve ever played. WANTED: Seek and Destroy is an endless game in the best style of chasing police and thief.

• Be the richest and most sought after in the world!
• Crush police cars that try to capture you and make money.
• A lot of items to collect! Find everyone and remove all advertisements from the game.
• Take control of the craziest cars. There are more than 10 cars each with their own bonus to make more money.
• Upgrade cars and powers to ensure victory.
• Watch out for barriers! The cops will not let you through!
• Cross the incredible city at different times of the day and different climate changes.

F2P: Monetization Ads and IAP

Secret Weapon is an indie game studio located in south Brazil, a team of two guys: Leonardo Amora and Otto Lopes. We released 3 games to Apple Store and Google Play and developed several award winning titles for Brazilian game contests.
Development Start Date
July 2016
Ready to be released
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Target platforms
iOS, Android
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